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Experience Makes a Difference

Academic studies. Career exploration. Community involvement.

We aim to enrich undergraduate education in the Faculty of Social Sciences through fostering unique approaches to learning within the classroom and more actively engaging students in the community, as well as promoting strong relationships between academic studies, career exploration and community involvement.



The McMaster Community Poverty Initiative (MCPI) was formed in 2007 by concerned faculty, staff, and students who were interested in expanding McMaster's role in addressing local conditions of poverty.



The people and volunteers behind the MCPI.



The activities affiliated with the MCPI.



Useful resources for the community and beyond.

Education - Advocacy - Research

Who We Are

The McMaster Community Poverty Initiative is the title for a group of students, faculty and staff dedicated to research, advocacy and education and action related to poverty reduction. Together with our partners in the Hamilton community, we strive to use knowledge for social change.

It will bring together people from the university (faculty, staff and students) and from organizations in the community who work in pursuit of a more equitable and just society. It will strive to involve people who live in poverty in all facets of its work.

Its work and direction will be guided by the expertise of communities and individuals knowledgeable about what it means to be poor and to live in Hamilton. 

The coming war on the poor

Stephanie Baker Collins, an associate professor in the School of Social Work and co-chair of the McMaster Community Poverty Initiative on discusses Ontario Premier Doug Ford's coming reform of social assistance in a recent op-ed published in the Hamilton Spectator.

Nov 23, 2018

Poverty, advocacy and the municipal election: “Get informed and be prepared to vote”

When it comes to advocating for poverty reduction in the upcoming municipal election, learn about the issues, learn about the candidates, and above all, get involved. That was the message from an event held this week aimed at discussing the impacts of poverty and what citizens can do to both advocate for change in Hamilton, and educate themselves before heading to the polls on October 22.

Oct 18, 2018

Poverty, Advocacy, and Municipal Elections

Join us on October 2 to hear from campus and community leaders working to reduce poverty and advocate for change in Hamilton. You'll have the opportunity to hear personal stories and experiences from individuals who have been participating in the Ontario Basic Income Pilot and discuss the implications of the pilot cancellation.

Sep 18, 2018